CPN Funding

What is CPN Funding?
First of all if we want to know about what exactly is cpn funding, first we have to understand exactly what a CPN number is! A credit privacy number, or CPN, is a nine digit ID that can be used in place of a social security number for credit reporting or any other financial purposes, such as applying for a personal loan of some sort. A cpn is sometimes called a credit profile number, is primarily used almost in the same range as if you had a separate social security number. So be careful and make sure you treat it like one?

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Similar to an SSN, each individual can only have one CPN as well. CPN’s are popular among celebrities, elected officials or even people in the witness protection programs, etc. The whole point of having a CPN is to protect you from identity theft. You will still be able to have a normal credit profile with your CPN, but you are not at risk of ruining your own personal credit through your social security number. If the celebrities need a little bit more privacy, then we all need a little bit more privacy and have the same power to attain a separate CPN as any individual in this world does. Make sure you are not using your CPN as a substitute towards your SSN. A CPN is simply an identifier for all your financial transaction history and alerts lenders and credit reporting bureau’s to keep an eye out on your borrowing history. Make sure you treat your CPN as if you were borrowing against your personal SSN. Meaning you can’t create a credit profile with your new CPN and attain credit cards on this new CPN and not expect to have the same repercussions as having a SSN. Make sure if you decide to get a CPN, you plan on treating it the same way as if it was your own social security number, because in the long haul they will eventually track you down so be very careful. After being done with your CPN number, the rest of the procedure is same as for the above 2 categories, i.e, our clients need to send us a copy of their most recent credit report with all 3 credit bureaus to see what we can get them qualified for.

How do you get a CPN?

If you decide you want a legitimate CPN and you are 100% sure, then I suggest that you first of “do your own homework.” This is most important!!! Secondly if I had to